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Opera targets “basic phones” with new Opera Mini browser

Opera targets “basic phones” with new Opera Mini browser

opera miniOpera hopes to tap into emerging mobile markets by creating a Java based browser for low-end mobile phones. Opera already has browsers for the desktop, Android, iPhone, and other phones but it’s nice to see that Opera is trying to provide a better browsing experience for emerging markets.

Opera Mini 4.5 can be installed on any phone that is capable of running a Java game. Users simply have to visit m.opera.com from their current browser to download Opera Mini. Once the browser is installed, users can look forward to a download manager and a privacy mode.

The announcement for Opera Mini 4.5 falls in line with Opera’s goals to provide a lower barrier of entry for emerging markets in developing countries. Opera recently released Opera Web Pass, which is a “pay-as-you-go” mobile data plan. Opera Web Pass is different than other data plans that just give you  an x amount of data. Instead, the service focuses on sites and services that users are actually using.

Internet access is quickly becoming a necessity as much as electricity and running water are. For emerging countries to compete on a global scale, they will have join the billions already online.

[Source: Opera, The Next Web]

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