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Happy Block

Happy Block

Have some fun with this cute block-smashing puzzle game

Happy Block is a fun puzzle/skill game in which you need to strategically match colored blocks to score points.

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  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • Cute, colorful graphics
  • Funny sound effects


  • No Xbox Live support
  • No help menu


Happy Block is a fun puzzle/skill game in which you need to strategically match colored blocks to score points.

How to play Happy Block

The idea of Happy Block is to link four same-colored blocks to create a big block which you can then burst to gain points. Points increase depending on the number of same-colored blocks that are adjacent to the big block, and you can gain extra points for combos.

There are several power-ups and different kinds of blocks to keep Happy Block interesting. You can unlock achievements and work your way through 100 levels across two game modes (classic and timed). The gameplay is very addictive and will remind you of games like Bejeweled and Tetris.

You can pit yourself against other players in the form of online score and achievement leaderboards, although this is done via the third-party OpenXLive network, rather than Microsoft's official Xbox Live service.

What are the controls?

The controls in Happy Block are pretty simple to figure out. Tap a small block and it will explode, with the blocks above it falling down. Tap a large block to explode it and collect your points. You can use power-ups such as lightning bolts and adding more time by clicking on the appropriate icon above the game board.

Although the controls are simple it will take you a while to get to grips with how the game really works. There are explanations in between the first few levels, but it would be nice if these were centralized in a help menu.

How does it look?

Visually, Happy Block is great. The funny faces on the colorful blocks help to create fun and jolly atmosphere that will cheer you up on even your saddest days. The cartoony sound effects and speech are fun too, although perhaps a bit sweet. There is an option to mute the sound if you like.

The verdict

Happy Block is an enjoyable puzzle game that would suit fans of Bejeweled.

Happy Block


Happy Block

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