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NQ Mobile Vault

NQ Mobile Vault

Hide pictures, videos, contacts and SMS on your phone

NQ Mobile Vault is an excellent app if you have private photos and videos on your phone that you don't want others to see.

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  • Easy to hide photos and videos
  • Save photos directly to app


  • Can't save contacts or messages
  • No cloud back up option


NQ Mobile Vault is an excellent app if you have private photos and videos on your phone that you don't want others to see.

Hide your photos and videos

With NQ Mobile Vault you can easily move your sensitive or personal photos or videos into a private, password-protected album. You just mark the photos from the album that you want to hide, and they will appear in a viewer in Vault, which you can only access with a password.

Alternatively, for extra protection you can use NQ Mobile Vault's built-in camera. Vault Camera takes photos and automatically adds them to the vault. This means that the photos will never be exposed to the public, not even just for a few seconds.

There's no need to be paranoid about others discovering the contents of your vault, or even discovering that you have a vault at all thanks to some neat features in the premium version of NQ Mobile Vault! The SecureCam login hides the login screen by disguising the app as a camera.

Another cool premium feature is the Break-in Attempts Monitor, which takes a photograph of anyone who enters the wrong password in Vault, so you can see who has been trying to spy on you. Obviously, this image is protected in the vault, too.

NQ Mobile Vault includes a smart Fake Vault feature. Using this, if someone finds out you've been hiding stuff and wants you to reveal all, you can use this fake Vault (by entering a second password), which won't show your secret photos and videos.

Unlike the iOS and Android versions, there is no premium version of NQ Mobile Vault for Windows Phone. All the features are available for free in the main live tile home area. The app is fairly simple with just the home dashboard and another settings menu, which allows you to change your password, and turn off or on SecureCam and Break-in Attempts.

While the NQ Mobile Vault for Windows Phone doesn´t have as many features as the Android or iOS versions, it does offer features for free that you have to pay for on the other operating systems. The ability to hide SMS and contacts seem to be popular requests from users, but this is currently only offered by the Android version.

NQ Mobile Vault


NQ Mobile Vault

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