Plague, Inc.

Plague, Inc.

Evolve and infect the whole world


  • Great strategy gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Lots of replayability


  • Could have more dynamic interface

Plague Inc. is an interesting strategy game, requiring you to release a disease into the world and infect everyone.

The interface in Plague Inc. centers on a world map where you watch the disease spread as it moves from country to country. Plague Inc. adds upgrades that can be applied, like advanced symptoms, how it spreads, and resistance to cure research.

It is an addictive game because you have to try and keep evolving the virus before countries prioritize researching a cure. The different levels of symptoms can lead to quicker viral spread, and a lot of the time is spent watching how it reaches the whole world.

Even though the game does not have a lot of animations or big events, the careful and interesting pace of your choice in how to improve the infection and the method that it spreads leads to a lot of replayability and experimentation.

Do not be disappointed with the simple graphics in Plague Inc., because the gameplay is very polished. While supported by ads in the free version, the full version of Plague Inc. allows you to modify the infection and choose different types, leading to other gameplay experiences.

Plague Inc. is a simple game on the surface, but the strategy is impressive.

Plague, Inc.


Plague, Inc.

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