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SnapTube Video 1.6

Music Across Online Platforms

SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player is a free Multimedia app developed by Quy Le. The app is a music player that can access online video platforms, organize them for later playback and play them as an audio player.

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  • Play music from Youtube and Vevo
  • Turn videos to audio tunes
  • Create personal playlist
  • Follow new songs


  • Only plays videos into audios
  • Cannot download songs
  • Cannot access other video streaming sites
  • More features hidden from Pro Version

Not bad

SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player is a free Multimedia app developed by Quy Le. The app is a music player that can access online video platforms, organize them for later playback and play them as an audio player.

Searching for New Songs

SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player has been created for every music lovers out there. While there are already audio apps and services in the market, video streaming sites like Youtube and Vevo are still widely used. This app lets users find new tracks online, at the same time create their very own playlist out of the millions of videos out there.

Navigating for Trending Tunes

SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player allows navigation across Youtube or Vevo for new songs. On the other hand, the app has a playlist organizer feature to play favorite music. This helps to track for newly released songs online. Every country has their own popular music videos and this app is a way to find them with ease. Youtube and Vivo still release new music hits and it is way easier to distribute them compared to other music player apps. Since those video platforms are producing endless amounts of videos every day, users can enjoy millions of tracks every time they use the app. SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player makes sure that every video streamed in it are optimized professionally. Users can expect high-quality resolution and seamless streaming speed. Lag often destroys a good song but this app ensures full audio experience by maintaining a stable connection. SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player comes with a built-in Media Library. It provides the user the option to add any videos they wish from Youtube and Vevo with this app. Any songs saved by the app can be searched by queries like Date, Duration, Name, Artist or Title. In this way, users don’t have to manually find their favorite song. SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player’s next feature is the Playlist Manager. Playlist Manager gives users the ability to create new playlists, add songs with a specific artist, genre or album, and play them immediately. Users will achieve seamless enjoyment with their music of choice. They are free to arrange their songs in genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, party, rhythm and etc. They can also follow popular channels like iHeartRADIO, Ustream, TuneIn, Billboard, and The Voice. If users feel very picky towards popular music, they can opt for indie music. The app’s customer service is always available so that users can get more benefits and features from the app. SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player has additional features and they are free to purchase the Pro Version for additional features. Users can still enjoy the app without getting the Pro Version.

Listening to Fresh Beats

Although many audio apps offer audio entertainment like Spinner and Spotify, some users still prefer to use Youtube and Vevo. There are some songs that are not yet formatted or available to play on Spinner and Spotify. SnapTube - Free Music Tube Player is an alternative for an online music streaming service for exclusive songs that are only found in Youtube and Vevo.

SnapTube Video


SnapTube Video 1.6

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