Tiger Woods 12

Tiger Woods 12

Tackle the PGA Tour with Tiger and friends

Tiger Woods 12 is a realistic golf game for Windows Phone that challenges you to become the best on the PGA Tour

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  • Great graphics
  • Lots of different game modes
  • Customize your own player
  • Intelligent control system


  • Poor commentary
  • Occasionally crashes

Very good

Tiger Woods 12 is a realistic golf game for Windows Phone that challenges you to become the best on the PGA Tour

All the fun of the golf course

There's a bunch of different game modes to play in Tiger Woods 12. As with the console version, of course, the main focus is the PGA Tour. You play out a full season of events, winning money to exchange for points and equipment to better you as a player.

Other game modes in Tiger Woods 12 include the Tiger Challenge, which consists of a series of quicker mini games with money at stake. The Play Now menu allows you to play a single round, whether it be stroke play, match play, skins, stapleford, etc. You can play multiplayer rounds locally over WiFi too, which is fun.

Tiger Woods 12 features eight different real life courses and eight professionals from the Tour. You can create your own golfer too, using the easy-to-use editor.

Master your swing

In terms of its gameplay Tiger Woods 12 is excellent. The swipe to swing system works very well, as does the way you can spin the ball while it's in flight. Sure, hitting the ball sweetly isn't easy to master but with enough practice and upgrading your skills you'll appreciate the benefit of having such a precise control system.

Putting in Tiger Woods 12 is tricky to get right. You are guided by gridlines which show you the lay of the land, and a caddy tip explains how far to the side, or how long or short a putt should be. It's still very difficult to judge on long putts though, but then this is realistic in a way.

Well turned-out

As you'd expect, graphically, Tiger Woods 12 is impeccable. From the in-game menus to the on-course action, the visuals in Tiger Woods 12 are gleaming. It's such a shame then that the in-game commentary is so poor. Commentary pops up very infrequently and when it does it's not particularly insightful.

When testing Tiger Woods 12 (version the game did freeze up on us a couple of times, and looking at user comments in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it seems others have had problems with this too. Hopefully, these such bugs will be addressed in a future release.

The verdict

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is a highly enjoyable sports sim, and a must-have for any Windows Phone gamer who likes golf.

Tiger Woods 12


Tiger Woods 12

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